Vertical packing machine Basis 11


Basis11 is an optimal and versatile model for packing bulk products in a Stabilo Bag package with a speed of up to 50 packs / min. With it, one can pack any small-piece and free-flowing product in bags such as a pillow, a stable bag, a Stabilo bag, and with the help of options, you can integrate bag re-closing systems into bags.

Video of machine work
  • wide range of packages produced;
  • the ideal shape and high-quality seams / edges of the produced packages, the exact length and position of the printing on the package;
  • control based on industrial controller with touch screen;
  • the available options can expand the range of packages produced, integrate re-closure systems (to preserve the product and its properties in the opened package) and help in the process of packaging a complex product that requires special packaging and storage conditions;
  • equipment self-diagnosis, display and voice alarm duplication;
  • automatic tracking and film correction;
  • packaging programs (recipes) memory.
Parameter name Unit Value, characteristic

Speed, up to



Bag volume, max



Range change size «Pillow bag»:

length, мах

width, мах



80 - 250

50 - 435

Range change size «Gasset»:

length, мах

width, мах

height, мах



 43 - 210

43 – 80

 80 - 315

Film width:

- Pillow bag

- Gasset



190 - 500

190 - 600

Film thickness


35 – 80




Air pressure



Compressed air consumption , max



Outer sizes WхHхL, max



Weight, max



  • Thermal printer with installation unit;
  • The mechanism of welding of the longitudinal seam package;
  • A device for perforating a film into a longitudinal seam welding mechanism of a package;
  • Punch hole device, so-called "Euroslot";
  • Node displacement of air from the filled package;
  • Notch on the seam of the package;
  • Joint cooling device;
  • Product catcher;
  • Cooling table;
  • Static removal unit;
  • Aspiration system;
  • Gas dosing system;
  • Additional formers for different pack size;
  • Optional adapters;
  • The labeller.
Type of packaging
Pillow bag
Gusset bag
Gusset bag with seam on the side
Stable bag
Stable package, seam on the side
StabiloBag, center seam
StabiloBag , seam on the side
Bag with ironed edges
Bag with ironed edges, seam side
Flexcan AMCOR
Packing seeds
Candy Packaging
Cereals packing
Nut packing
Oatmeal flakes packaging
Packing candied and dried fruit
Salt packaging
Fruit Snack Packaging
Packing gingerbread
Sugar packaging
Corn Sticks Packaging
Cookie Packing
Packing breakfast cereals
Meat Snack Packaging
Packing of candies and caramel sweets
Pasta Packaging
Drying packaging
Packing fish snacks
Marmalade packaging
Flour packaging
Chips Packaging
Wafer Packing
Soda packaging
Packing crackers
Marshmallow packaging
Spice Packaging
Straw packaging
Tea packing
Croissant packaging