Our success is built on the success of our customers

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Our success is built on the success of our customers

Whatever happens today or in the future with business in Ukraine, it was and remains the foundation for the economic development of the country. This is when business understands the creation of value-added products in the field of material production. After all, it is not a secret that today, for many of us, business is simply operations in the field of “buy-sell” services.

The packaging industry of Ukraine which are development and production of containers and packaging, packaging materials and equipment, began to actively develop in the mid-90s. of the last century. The creation and formation of companies in this period has always been of interest to the chronology of the development of the Ukrainian packaging business. One of such companies, being a long-time partner of IAC "Packaging" and the Packers Club, has been keeping its chronicle since that time. Nowadays, it is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging equipment in Ukraine. About the successes, problems and prospects of development of machine builders-packers team, our interview with the founder, ideological “engine” (as he is called by like-minded employees) of the company Zamir Nachkebiya.

Veronica Halayji

At the last exhibition you stated that Basis LLC was preparing to release a machine for packing products into carton boxes. What can you say about this?

Yes, at the moment we are designing a completely new machine - a vertical cartoner which we will complete our packaging systems. The capacity of the fully automated line will be up to 120 boxes per minute. We will be the only manufacturers of this type of equipment in the CIS

But you traditionally produced vertical packaging machines for packaging products in film, havent you?

That's not quiet right. We have experience with carton boxes. Earlier, in 2001–2007, our company produced machines MFK-1 and MFK-2, which folded carton boxes for sweets. This unique machine - no one has ever done this in the CIS and Eastern Europe by the way - was supplied to the first brands of Ukraine and some Russian companies. We achieved the productivity of folding boxes up to 46 boxes per minute for sweets "Evening Kiev" meanwhile well-known European analogue  made only 30.

Does it mean that you have been fruitfully cooperating with the confectionery industry for a long time?

Basis LLC has been working with AVK since 2002 and with Kraft Foods Ukraine since 2003 as well as Roshen and many other enterprises of this highly developed high-tech industry in Ukraine. Together we have implemented a number of complex projects. Sometimes these were tasks that even some large equipment manufacturers refused. But our designers, who have experience in development in the defense industry, have found the necessary technical solutions. Previously, we could not advertise these projects as confidentiality agreements were concluded. I think that in the next issues of your magazine we will be able to talk about some projects in more detail, since we have received consent for this from our customers. But I want to note that we cooperate with enterprises not only of the confectionery industry.

In what other industries does Bazis operate?

Specializing exclusively in bulk and piece products, we have limited the work of the company to the confectionery, snack and grocery sectors. However, since last year, Basis began to pay attention to the meat processing industry. We always did transporters and logistic systems turned out to be a very interesting topic. Automation of the entire production or its individual sections may be  interesting to either industry leaders or companies claiming to be in the lead. Of course, working with leaders in their industries over the years has raised us to a completely different level. Cooperation with them mobilized us, and in due time we agreed to certify the whole complex of equipment in accordance with CE norms.

What gives the company CE certificate and how do you manage product quality at the enterprise?

The CE certificate declares compliance of products with European safety standards which existing in many developed countries. A bit of our history. Back in 2000, we decided to certify the company according to 180 9001. Firstly, it was very fashionable, and secondly, the benefits seemed to cover all costs. But I never had a clear answer to the questions: “What will it give to my company? Will we lose mobility? Will we kill the creative initiative of the workers? ”These are the questions of each manager when he decides what order in his enterprise he wants to see: dictatorship, manual control, impersonal, working according 180  or something else. One thing for sure: for any organization in the enterprise, it must produce high-quality products and in the stipulated time frame. When in 2003 we completed our first order for a very well-known company, the work was accepted, the equipment was in line with the technical requirements, but I saw and felt that the client was not completely satisfied

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