Non-standard solutions

AVK company, Ukrainian leader in sweets manufacturing had a problem of choosing a packaging line, due to the release of a completely new product. Basis company was the solution.

The AVK company began producing dome-shaped soft truffle candies sprinkled with cocoa powder with an unusually delicate chocolate texture. For advantageous positioning of the product on the market, the trapezoidal box was chosen. It has bright design and easy opening system. The unusual shape of the box distinguishes the product from similar ones. To preserve the delicacy and fragility, candies were packaged in a bag at first, and then in a box. It helps keep candies fresh for longer time


The new product assumed the presence of an automatic line for packing the ready-packed products in a box. Solution demanded the line that could form a box of irregular shape as well as be able to pack products with 31 boxes per minute speed .Moreover, it was necessary to link the line with the existing packaging machine.

In Eastern Europe, only Basis has the necessary technology and experience in carton packaging. The company's engineers have designed a unique and fully automated line, which required one operator only. For smooth running it is only necessary to load carton blanks in time and ensure availability of adhesive compound “Nordson”.

The electric automation system provides control of automatic folding processes, step-by-step box feeding, product stacking, box gluing and moving to the table for further stacking in the box.

According to the head of the department of internal procurement, technical development and project support, Vladimir Nikishov: “The automatic complex is absolutely unique, because it was designed specifically to the characteristics of our product and production. During operation, the equipment shows high performance and stable operation. In addition, only 3 employees are needed for its maintenance, which allows us to significantly save labour force. We are grateful to Basis for the assistance at all work stages: from project development according our technical task to launch of the packaging process and personnel training. ”