Gable top box for confectionery

Non-standard solutions
Gable top box for confectionery

Aldomak (UK) has been specializing in the production of high-quality confectionery and handmade baked goods for over 80 years. Now, when the company is actively entering retail, the question of automating the packaging process has arisen. To meet this challenge, Aldomak purchased a horizontal cartoner Basis 50 from Basis company.

Shape always wins!

With this packaging equipment, Aldomak packs chocolates, or more precisely, handmade fudge (the name for milk toffee in English speaking countries) in Gable-Top cartons.

Such packaging, although not new, is still non-standard, and therefore more attracts the attention of buyers. Even analytical studies confirm that the shape of the packaging is of great importance to the consumer.

In addition, if such a carton is on the shelf below buyer’s eye level, the inscription on it is still legible. Although, it is better suited for the re-opening-closing function than a regular rectangular box.

Capacity issue

It is also important to note that the Basis 50 cartoner ensures maximum filling of the carton with product. To do this, first the top of the box (narrower part) is closed, and the product is packed in a flow-pack (the film retains the properties of the product and protects it from moisture and grease) placed in the carton from the bottom.

This sequence of operations also prevents damage to the product, as is often happens with machines that load product through the top cut. Thus, sweets arrive on store shelves in excellent marketable condition, which is an important criterion for the consumer when making a purchase.