Croissant packaging

Bakery products

Croissant is a small fragile flour confection with the shape of a crescent, made with puff pastry. BASIS LLC. has developed equipment for croissant packing which allows you to weigh and pack products carefully to minimize product crumbing and keep it in its original shape. Moreover, possible modifications of the equipment allow you to pack using different types of bags and boxes.

Type of packaging
Pillow bag
Gusset bag
Gusset bag with seam on the side
Stable bag
Stable package, seam on the side
StabiloBag, center seam
StabiloBag , seam on the side
Packing machines
Vertical packing machine Basis 17/18
Vertical packing machine BASIS 10/10M
Vertical packing machine Basis 11
Vertical packing machine BASIS4