Candy Packaging


Chocolate confectionery products are fragile delicate products, which are most often presented in individual packaging. The accumulated experience of our specialists and long-term cooperation with the largest confectionery enterprises allowed us to develop unique integrated solutions for the packaging of chocolates. Packaging equipment "Basis" for confectionery products provides accurate weighing, careful packaging, the perfect shape of cardboard boxes or bags.

Type of packaging
Rectangular box for vertical filling
Rectangular box for unit products
Rectangular box for horizontal stowage
Pillow bag
Gusset bag
Gusset bag with seam on the side
Stable bag
Stable package, seam on the side
StabiloBag, center seam
StabiloBag , seam on the side
Bag with ironed edges
Bag with ironed edges, seam side
Flexcan AMCOR
Packing machines
Vertical Cartoner Basis80
Vertical Cartoner Basis40
Horizontal Cartoner Basis50
Vertical packing machine Basis 17/18
Vertical packing machine BASIS 10/10M
Vertical packing machine Basis 11
Vertical packing machine BASIS4