Non-standard solutions



Ambarel is one of the leading Russian enterprises for the production of a wide range of grocery products in the premium and economy market segments. When the company’s management decided to market a new product line in a carton box, it was a question of expanding production and purchasing new packaging equipment.

Basis , being the leader of cartoners manufactoring in Eastern Europe, was selected as a supplier.

The Ambarel company produces more than 30 kinds of products weighing 600 g and 1000 g each. All types of grains can easily be packed into a carton box in using Basis-80 cartoner . However, there is a salt in the company’s assortment as well – a product with high abrasive properties, which, if it comes into frequent contact with metal parts of equipment can cause corrosion. In a view of this fact, a special version of the carton was developed – the whole system of trays which come into contact with the products is made of stainless steel.


The Lakome company produces a wide range of grocery which is grown on its own cultivated areas. The main direction of the company is production of oat flakes and mixtures of cereal, packed in a carton box.

In effort to constantly evolve, the company’s management is constantly looking for new opportunities to increase final product yield. When it became necessary to modernize outdated equipment, the choice fell on Basis , the only cartoner maker in Eastern Europe.

The installation of the new equipment allowed Lakome to pack the product in two different types of packs (450 g and 1000 g) on one Basis-60 cartoner. In addition, the machine could reach up to 60 packs/min speed . For comparison: old equipment is capable to reach up to 30 packs per minute only.

Cooking Bag Packaging Technology

The compact and rectangular widespread pack provides wide opportunities for group or individual packing of various products. For example, cereals in cooking packages.

To automate the packaging process, we developed the Group forming and styling technology, which made it possible to switch from manual to automated packaging without changing the bundle parameters!


The packaging parameters before and after the automation of the packaging process remained unchanged, as a result it became possible to pack 8 cooking bags per pack which is 30% less than the standard for this product.

Functional packaging of glazed curd cheeses

Dairy factory “Gusevmoloko” (Kaliningrad region, Russia), which is part of the large agricultural holding “DolgovGroup”, in November last year expanded its range of products with a new type of product. For this Pakma company, together with BASIS, in the course of a large-scale modernization of existing facilities, organized a new large workshop for the production of glazed curds cheesy, which unlike most brands, are not only sealed in a flow-pack, but also packed in cartons, and then placed in group packing – show boxes.

Gable top box for confectionery

The company from the UK has been specializing in the production of high-quality confectionery products and the production of manual work for over 80 years. At the same time, if the business is actively entering retail, it has become very important to automate the packaging process. To overcome this stench, they added a horizontal cartoner Basis 50 from the company “Basis”

Sache packaging

Very often in the process of packaging, you need to solve 3 main tasks: to group the product; lay out the product in a certain amount, ensure stable operation at the required speed. But each of our customers has its own specific features…

So the task:

Organize the collection of the product in sachet bags and group them by 2 pieces. Next, you need to attach the package insert and pack everything together in a carton with a height of only 20 mm. The required line speed is 65 packs / min.

Variations of packaging types for bulk products

Four years ago, one of the largest bread producers in Lithuania “Lašu Duona” in order to expand its business, launched a new plant specialized in the production of cereals. To minimize the influence of the human factor and ensure the stability of the production process, the new branch was equipped with automated packaging lines for bulk products from the Basis company.


AVK company, Ukrainian leader in sweets manufacturing had a problem of choosing a packaging line, due to the release of a completely new product. Basis company was the solution.

The AVK company began producing dome-shaped soft truffle candies sprinkled with cocoa powder with an unusually delicate chocolate texture. For advantageous positioning of the product on the market, the trapezoidal box was chosen. It has bright design and easy opening system. The unusual shape of the box distinguishes the product from similar ones. To preserve the delicacy and fragility, candies were packaged in a bag at first, and then in a box. It helps keep candies fresh for longer time

Сorn sticks in a carton

Today OJSC “Lidapischekontsentraty” is the only modern high-tech enterprise for the production of food concentrates in the Republic of Belarus. Throughout its “work experience” it never ceases to improve, both in terms of assortment and technical re-equipment. Over the past few years, some sections have been modernized and new equipment has been purchased, which has made it possible to increase production volumes and make a worthy competition for imported products.