Сorn sticks in a carton

Сorn sticks in a carton

Today OJSC “Lidapischekontsentraty” is the only modern high-tech enterprise for the production of food concentrates in the Republic of Belarus. Throughout its “work experience” it never ceases to improve, both in terms of assortment and technical re-equipment. Over the past few years, some sections have been modernized and new equipment has been purchased, which has made it possible to increase production volumes and make a worthy competition for imported products.

Eco-friendly and recognizable

At the end of September 2021, the factory will be equipped with a vertical cartoner Basis 80 from company BASIS for packing of corn sticks. The packaging process is as follows: the product from the technological line enters the loading hopper of the cartoner, then the corn sticks are weighed and put directly into the carton. Then the pack is shaken to ensure maximum filling. Then the ready-made pack is sealed and transferred to the packing area of the group. A group of 6 packs is formed, which is packed in a shrink film.

It is important to note that corn sticks packed directly into a pack absolutely do not lose their properties, which has been proven by laboratory studies.

On the one hand, this project will allow Lidapischekontsentraty to comply with environmental standards (since now polypropylene is not used in the packaging of their corn sticks), and on the other hand, it will stand out on the shelf due to packaging, because 99% of corn sticks in Belarus are packed in bags.

In search of new formats

This is the third packaging line Osnova at the OJSC Lidapischekontsentraty. In 2017, the factory was equipped with a cartoner Basis 50 for packing corn sticks first into a bag and then into a carton. Thus, the enterprise replaced the outdated packaging equipment.

In 2018, Lidapischekontsentraty company decided to bring its oat flakes to a more expensive segment, replacing Pillow bags with Stabilo Bag (bags with soldered edges), which make the products more presentable and visible on the shelf. “The peculiarity of this project was that not a single link was modernized, but the entire line. This time our company has supplemented its technological equipment of  packaging line with a vertical packaging machine Basis18, ”recalls Sergey Maleev, General Director of BASIS LLC in the Russian Federation.

The company “Lidapischekontsentraty” explains that they pay attention to the renewal of the range, since this allows you to constantly take into account market trends and ensures consumer interest in the products manufactured. In addition, exclusively eco-friendly packaging is now a priority.

Therefore, in the field of technical re-equipment, the emphasis is placed on the introduction of modern efficient technologies.