Ambarel is one of the leading Russian enterprises for the production of a wide range of grocery products in the premium and economy market segments. When the company’s management decided to market a new product line in a carton box, it was a question of expanding production and purchasing new packaging equipment.

Basis , being the leader of cartoners manufactoring in Eastern Europe, was selected as a supplier.

The Ambarel company produces more than 30 kinds of products weighing 600 g and 1000 g each. All types of grains can easily be packed into a carton box in using Basis-80 cartoner . However, there is a salt in the company’s assortment as well – a product with high abrasive properties, which, if it comes into frequent contact with metal parts of equipment can cause corrosion. In a view of this fact, a special version of the carton was developed – the whole system of trays which come into contact with the products is made of stainless steel.

Over 3 years of operation, the equipment has demonstrated high durability, working in 2 shifts with a capacity of up to 40 packs / min with a 10-bunker multihead dispenser. The design features of the machine and the accuracy of settings give you ability to work with various types of carton, including waste paper, thereby ensuring high quality packaging for both economy and premium market segment.

Different product weight assumed two sizes of packs. With realizing the importance of readjustment time minimization, Basis engineers have developed a set of quick-release parts. When switching to another type of product, the cartoner cleaning is quick and easy. One operator is enough to handle with machine maintenance.

To cope with the increased production volumes, Ambarel launched a second packaging line with a Basis- 80 cartoner which was made with stainless steel entirely. In the new line, the machine will be equipped with a 14-bunker multihead dispenser to achieve capacity of up to 80 packs / min.