Variations of packaging types for bulk products

Variations of packaging types for bulk products

Four years ago, one of the largest bread producers in Lithuania “Lašu Duona” in order to expand its business, launched a new plant specialized in the production of cereals. To minimize the influence of the human factor and ensure the stability of the production process, the new branch was equipped with automated packaging lines for bulk products from the Basis company.

Attractive Stabilo Bag

The first packaging line, installed at the Lašu Duona cereal factory in 2017, is intended for packaging buckwheat in Stabilo Bag. These bags look good on the shelf; during transportation and laying out at points of sale, they do not wrinkle and deform so much, that is, they remain in good marketable condition, says Alexander Shkolnik, Deputy Director of Sales at Basis.

According to Alexander Shkolnik, such packaging is most often used by confectioners, but they are also great for groceries. Many leading grocery companies already offer cereals products in Stabilo Bags in the middle and high price segments.

One line - two packaging options

In 2020, Basis installed two more packaging lines for the Lašu Duona cereal factory.

The first of them, as part of the Basis50 cartoner and the Basis18 vertical packing machine, is intended for packing cereals in perforated cooking bags in a carton (4 or 8 bags per box). Before the bags enter the carton, air is forced out of them, then they are compactly stacked in a certain order. Due to the special method of stacking, the box is smaller than on similar lines without this function which helps to save on materials costs. In addition, there are significant savings on logistics, since there are more cartons in the shipping container.

A distinctive feature of this automatic line is the ability to reconfigure it for filling bulk products in one bag with subsequent packing in cartons. Lašu Duona uses such a packaging solution for packaging pasta made from buckwheat flour. Thus, one line is used to pack different types of products into 2 types of packages.

The second line, which was installed last year, was also delivered with a packing machine for filling in briquette-type bags.

High quality and reliable equipment

The products we manufacture cannot be sold without packaging. Moreover, we export most of the groats to European countries such as Germany, Italy, Greece and others, as well as America.

We have installed three lines for filling cereals in different packages, because each region has its own tastes and requirements, and thus we have the opportunity to vary the types of packaging and adapt to the needs of a particular market, explains Kestutis Paskevichus, project manager at Lašu Duona.


It was important for enterprises that all lines were thought out in terms of quality control (installed in-line scales, metal detectors). In addition, one of the main requirements was the ability to change the product, respectively the type of packaging, with minimal delays, which was implemented in the project. Now lines with a length of 20 m are served by only 3 people.

Thus, 3 fully automated lines from the Basis company allow you to save money for reducing human resources. In addition, during operation, they have established themselves as high-quality and reliable equipment that is not inferior to European counterparts.