Functional packaging of glazed curd cheeses

Functional packaging of glazed curd cheeses

Dairy factory “Gusevmoloko” (Kaliningrad region, Russia), which is part of the large agricultural holding “DolgovGroup”, in November last year expanded its range of products with a new type of product. For this Pakma company, together with BASIS, in the course of a large-scale modernization of existing facilities, organized a new large workshop for the production of glazed curds cheesy, which unlike most brands, are not only sealed in a flow-pack, but also packed in cartons, and then placed in group packing – show boxes.

High quality product

For the first releasing cheese curds on the market, the company aimed at the “medium +” segment.

“Our main sales markets are Moscow and St. Petersburg, so the product must be transported there in cartons, which emphasizes its naturalness. As for the production of our curd bars we use only natural cottage cheese, chocolate and fillings, ”says Stanislav Grubinov, executive director of Gusevmoloko LLC.

And since now people are striving to consume better quality products, such curds are becoming more and more popular, despite the higher cost.

Complete automation

Functional packaging is one of the main objectives of the project. For this, a complete Pakma processing line was installed at the factory, on which curd bars are produced and packed in a flow-pack, then the product goes to the Basis automated packaging line:

  • the product is automatically fed to 2 Basis50 cartoners, which pack curd cakes in cartons;
  • ready-made curd cheeses in cartons are organized in one line and grouped by 6 pieces in a row;
  • then the product is transported to the manipulator, with the help of which the group is stacked in tiers,
  • the finished group goes to the 3rd cartoner for packing in a show box made of micro-corrugated cardboard.

Thus, the entire process of producing curd cheeses, from the technological line to the packaging equipment, is fully automated, which excludes the influence of the human factor.

Packaging with benefits

The decision to provide this kind of product with a carton has several advantages.

Firstly, the enterprise thus entered a more expensive segment. After all, cardboard, as you know, emphasizes the high quality of the product, its peculiarity.

Secondly, due to the fact that each curd cheese is packed in a flow-pack, and then in a ccarton, injury to the curd cheese is prevented during transportation and display. And the film preserves the properties of the product and protects the cartons from moisture and grease.

And, thirdly, show-boxes, in which cartons with curd cheeses are packed, are at the same time transport packaging. In the store, the merchandiser puts show box on the shelf and simply opens its lid upwards.

Thanks to such group packaging, the curd cakes reach customers excellent marketable condition and fully correspond to the SRP standard (Shelf-ready packaging).