Gable top box for confectionery

Gable top box for confectionery

The company from the UK has been specializing in the production of high-quality confectionery products and the production of manual work for over 80 years. At the same time, if the business is actively entering retail, it has become very important to automate the packaging process. To overcome this stench, they added a horizontal cartoner Basis 50 from the company “Basis”

Shape always wins!

With the help of this packaging equipment, the company packs candies, or rather handmade fudge (the name of milk toffee in English-speaking countries) into cardboard boxes in the shape of “houses”.

Although such packaging is not new, it is still non-standard, and therefore attracts the attention of buyers more. Even analytical studies confirm that the shape of the packaging is of great importance to the consumer.

In addition, if such a box is on the shelf below the level of the buyer’s eyes, the inscription on it is still well read. In addition, it is better suited for the implementation of the repeated opening-closing function than a regular rectangular box.