Sache packaging

Sache packaging
How to pack a group of sachets in a carton?

Very often in the process of packaging, you need to solve 3 main tasks: to group the product; lay out the product in a certain amount, ensure stable operation at the required speed. But each of our customers has its own specific features…

So the task:

Organize the collection of the product in sachet bags and group them by 2 pieces. Next, you need to attach the package insert and pack everything together in a carton with a height of only 20 mm. The required line speed is 65 packs / min.

Thin product

The sachet is 3 mm thick and has a rather slippery surface. During stacking, such bags can slip past the cell. In addition, sachets of this thickness may have problems loading into the carton, because the bottom bag in the group may remain on the inlet conveyor – as a result, the box may contain the wrong amount of product.

BASIS solution:

The company’s solution is based on the Basis50 cartoner. To ensure uniform distribution of the product, the cartoner was equipped with a special feeder, which, thanks to the vacuum feeding system, ensured a clear stacking of the sachet bags according to the count. The feeder can put a different number of bags in the cell, depending on the needs of the production and the characteristics of the product. A similar loading system is also installed in-line in the stacking area of instructions.

In order to ensure that even very thin bags up to 1 mm thick can be inserted into the stack, changes have been made to the design of construction of loading mechanism. Now, thanks to the maximum conjugate of the infeed conveyor with the pusher, slippage or loss of bags in this zone is excluded.


Packaging automation for specific products is 90% of our projects. This project is not the most difficult of them, but undoubtedly unique.